Apr 3, 2009

Resonance in language acquisition

I don't know it should be called a sad thing or happy, but every time I read some in English, I come across new vocabularies. I wonder if the day would come or not when I won't be bothered at all by any unfamiliar words to read ordinary materials in English. ha ha, I just hope so.
Now, today's new word is "resonance." mmm I like the sound of it.
His article is always full of eye opening views and gives me power to try to perform a new and uncommon style of English education. How come there are so many approaches of English education and I still find nothing meaningful and reliable.
I do agree with the importance of resonance if you really want to master a new language. When you feel no resonance toward that language, then you can't make a progress how hard you study or how good your teachers or lessons are.
Most of the English education in Japan lacks those insight and only satisfies with giving students tons of study and practices. It would be great if I could fill in my students with even tiny bit of resonance after one year class of Tadoku. I've got to prepare for it.


Whiskers said...

Thank you for sharing another interesting article. I really agree with the writer and in the course of reading this article, I understood the meaning of the word 'resonance.' That's exactly what I find the most effective way of acquiring new words and expressions!
Since my trip to NZ, I've been thinking to use more English in my class. If I could create that resonance between my students and me, it'll be ideal! Long way to go...but it's worth trying, I believe.

Wintersweet said...

Ah, I like the idea of resonance used this way too. I don't like that guy's blog or book, though. I've seen his book before, and I just don't believe his claims.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi again Whiskers-san!
mmm, I should be also considering to use English during my class in some ways. My speaking of English is very clumsy and broken, so I have to practice to speak slowly and clearly, if not, the students won't get me. ha ha
Lately, more and more English teachers are willing to intoruduce Tadoku into regular classes, but I think only those who grasped the essence of Tadoku from their own reading of many easy books would be able to influence students with their words and enjoy the resonance together with their students.
BTW, don't you, aren't you opening your Blog??? he he

Hello Wintersweet!!!
I'm glad you put me in your friend list in Lj. You're quite active there, so I'm trying to see what kind of subjects you're mostly writing there, but haven't got any clues yet. I wish I could read faster...
So, you say you don't believe his claims. I think he is too geeky to master languages and not all the claims are suitable for language learners. Do you have any particular points you can't agree with?

Wintersweet said...

Hi again, Mrs. Malone! I've only read one Japanese graded reader lately. 今とてもいそがしい。。。yeah, I have to admit, I write too much on LJ, on no particular topic. Please feel free to ignore most of it!