Apr 12, 2009

pissed off

I'm pissed off! (こういうの、人に向かって言うのでなければ、使ってもいいのかな。)
yeah, I'm a kind of person looking cool and matured outside, but the inside often burning and exploding just with tiny things. ha ha So, why am I so irritated? That's because I felt like having been thrown really harsh words from one of English teachers.
She is one of the teachers performing an ordinary grammar oriented English lesson and having no interests at all towards Tadoku. The word of her which really annoyed the other day is this, "all you need to do in Tadku class is to say READ!READ!READ! right?,"

She has no idea how many more time I have to spare my free time outside of class to prepare for the lesson and support the students, who are terribly hurt by difficult lessons and completely lost their faith in their future using English, to retrieve their hope to be fluent in English.

I guess lots of teachers who are satisfied with giving give grammar-oriented text based English lesson like her have no doubt that their hard work, such as explaining complicated English grammar and encouraging students to translate English into Japanese, should be doing only GOOD for the students.
Aren't they too naive? Don't they know people abroad sometime make fun of those English based on Japanese English education. Don't you realize how awkward it may sound using big words from textbooks and making grammatically perfect sentences when you have small talk with your friends even though you're not fluent enough to keep the natural flow of conversation.

I'm so sad that I have no language to communicate with most of the English teachers in Japan.

mmm, いつも意識して英語の音を聞こうとすることないんですが、一昨日からネットの英語かけっぱなしにしているので、英語で書くの気持ち楽かも。もとがlazyなもんで、だんだんオンライン辞書使うのもめんどくさくなり、貧しい語彙とへんてこな文のままですが、英語圏に住むネット上の友人と交流するのには、まったく支障がないので、まあいいやです。


Whiskers said...

Poor emmie-san!
How terrible to be said such rude and ignorant words!
Maybe you are already aware of it, but lots of English teachers and learners are quite competitive. I also very often feel fed up with that kind of attitude. I guess that evil teacher wanted to tell you that she was superior to you.
There is no cure for them...so, just ignore them! Anyway, students will know the difference.

BTW, don't ask me about starting my own blog. You don't know how bad I am with new technology. Just let me mumble here pleeeeaase...

Mrs. Malone said...

Whiskers san! Thanks for your kind word!!!
I know the teacher, who just happened to drop the comment about Tadoku, has no evil mind toward me, but she was sooo nonchalant that I couldn't ignore them.
I'd rather take it easy if such harsh words are meant only for me...
You can't blame the person saying bad about Tadoku, it's just that if you have no idea what an amazing trick Tadoku has, you might guess the teacher's job during the Tadoku class is just say "READ." ha ha

oh, my my, you say you're poor at new technology, but you're a teacher after all!!! aren't you ordered to get better use of computer things from the top of the school? he he
so, till the day you begin some on the net, let's mumble a lot and make stress away!