Apr 27, 2009

"Come Back to Me" Vanessa Hudgens


"Come Back to Me" Vanessa Hudgens

Y'all need to get ready to hear,
the unbelieveable, indescribable
Vanessa Hudgens, Baby V

Baby come back

Everyday I try to play another game
But my heart can't take it
I try to find another boy
But all the while I can't face it

Why do I miss you so much?
I wanna stop to turn inside
oh baby please, give us one more try

I see you out with all your friends
Laughing it up as you pretend
to have a good time, I know cause I'm living the same life
I'm about to got to say
we can't keep living this same way
so I'll be the one
yeah I'll say it I'll say it I'll say it I'll say it again

*** Baby come back to me
in my heart I still believe
we were meant to be
together so whatever it takes

Baby come back to me
I should've never set you free
love maybe, come back ***

I wanna call, but then I stall
cause after all, I just couldn't take it
cause if your play was to push me away
you know the day, my heart you'd break it

I know we made a mistake
it's just like your foolish pride
Come back to me
Let us try, let us try, let us try again


You know you miss your Baby V
And I can see that you think about me
so why do you act like you don't care
like all this love between us isn't there
I know that you're upset
I know I did you wrong
I know that you want me to pay for all the pain i've caused
but in the end it all comes down to just one thing
it's you and me, so I sing


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