Apr 26, 2009


I can speak English anyway, I've never got coke when I wanted coffee..., and I enjoy small talk with teachers from Canada and Australia at school. I have no complain about my English speaking ability thinking that I spare no time to improve it^^; I'm not afraid to talk to native speakers at all.

However, I thought it's a different matter to speak English to the students at school. I thought I wasn't able to do it because my English speaking is too clumsy for my students to understand.
My English is just not correct, not clear and not beautiful. yeah, it was like I was a bit shocked by the beautiful English of some English teachers and I didn't have enough confidence in my speaking.

Then, I thought my role as a teacher shouldn't necessarily be the same to other teachers, and the way I speak might be a good example as a language learner, so I tried to have a small talk with the students in English last time, and to my biiig surprise, they all tried to speak back to me in English!!!
One of the native English teachers complained me once that students are too shy to speak up. Is this only because they are afraid to speak to native speakers? If so, I will be a good step for them to let them feel comfy to use English.

I'm wondering if I should perform the class all in English next time, provided that important explanations are written on the board in Japanese.



chico said...

Hey! emmie. long time, no see...High school musical, hah? Momo loves that stuff. Don't get me wrong not in english. At the moment, she has no strong motivation to the world of English. But I just keep on trying to put her in the position where she needs to use English. She 's getting really good at getting away with it. haha
Actually, I didn't realize that high school musical is totally for teenagers. I wonder how much momo understands this kind of song. She sings 'Rose' passionately and it's been quite entertaining to me.
But when I read the lyrics of this song, it got me wonder how much she understands this feeling. Perhaps not at all. For teenagers, this kind of songs must be easy to relate. That's the time you struggle
emotionally, isn't it? Somehow, the teenagers I know are rather dry in the field. How about those teens in your class?

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Chico! Sad to say we've been apart? quite a long time, he he, but I'm following you with all the ups and downs of yours.
What's your plan on this Golden week? you have to go to Univ?

I had Tadoku class today and I gave it a try to speak in English in front of the students. However some students had quite zoomed out expressions on their faces, so I ended up speaking both in English and Japanese. I've got to practice to speak clearly, slowly and with more basic words... I've been wanting a help from you!

High schoolers look so matured in the outlook, but once you talk to them, you'll see they're so pure and fearless.
Don't you think those music is an ideal way to relate students and English world. They might feel great if they could understand the message in music and see themselves through it.