Apr 14, 2009


で、ここ数日、TOEIC受けないとだめかなーと、ネットの英語をかけ流ししたり(意識して聞くなんてことは、全くしません)、昨日は、今NHKでやっているCurious Georgeを使って、簡単な穴埋め問題作ろうかなと、少しディクテーションとか、普段より英語を聞くことが増えたら、


I'm really truly sorry I haven't mailed you back soon.I think I'd better to reply quickly with much short letter. ha ha though, I tend to end up writing rather long one...The topics in your mails are always so interesting and there is no ending to talk with you ^^;

So, Spring is kind of busy, isn't it? and this year, only this year, Ihave a new class for English reading at high school, and I've got toprepare for it... it takes many of my free time. My approach, Tadoku, is quite new and goes against existing grammar-oriented way of English education, so I have to prepare allthe materials needed for the class.I do want my students enjoy English, and today, I'm making a question sheet from DVD of Curious George!Is Curious George popular in Canada, too?Even the English spoken in Curious George's DVD is very hard for high school students, who's already studied English more than 5 years...

so, you seem to really enjoyed your trip to Toronto!!! What kind of food do you put in おにぎり??? I simply can't guess...I don't know the manga"Get You!." mmm I'm just a beginner in manga world.you know, I'm still in the world of manga "Banana Fish" he he. Every time I read the final stage of that manga, I shed tears. it's so sad but at the same time, to cry filed with strong emotion makes me refreshed. aha

Now about おせわになりました。this phrase is rather formal. we often use it among people who are notso close? not friends. if you use おせわになりました to the clerk in the restaurant, then it might be too much, because they are only doing their jobs.おせわになりました is close to "thank you very much," so you usually goes right with simple ありがとう!instead of おせわになりました,meaning thanks.you know, Japanese bow! so you can express you deep thankfulness withありがとう and bowing!! Bow all the time!, and people might judge you very polite person, and you go easily without any trouble with Japanese. he he

では、 これから、 日本語で、すこし、書きますよ。
(well, from now on, in Japanese, a little, I'm going to write)
ことしの、 桜は、 ちょうど、にゅうがくしきのときに、さきました。
(this year, cherry blossoms, just , at the time of entrance cerebration, was bloom.)
とても、きれい、でした。(very, beautiful, it was)
(with ○○, someday, see, cherry blossoms, could, I wish)
Does this way of writing both Japanese and English help you, I wonder...

So the last thing is my real name in Kanji, it's ○○ ○○ called ○○ ○○. My last name ○○ is very rare, so I try not to use it on the net because it's so easy to track me down with it.
OK now, I'm going back to making question sheet, and I'm going to tryto mail you back from the next time with short mail but just after Iget your mail ^^;
Have a good day!!!

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