Mar 17, 2009


I'm exhausted, phew~
The other day, I was asked to hand in the score qualification of TOEIC to take charge of another Tadoku class for a year from April, at high school as a part-time English teacher.
This time, the job offer came in the last minute and there is no time for me to take TOEIC by the due day of required documents, so I was allowed to go with the expired score which was obtained almost 15 years ago^^;

I don't believe that such test scores would appropriately show how much someone have the ability to use English in the real world, so I haven't planned to take one up to now. However, I thought I should prove my English competence in some ways which everyone can judge easily, so I decided to try the practice test of TOEIC with the official textbook.

The result was, mmm, I thought my English somehow got better, but I'm too old to concentrate for 2 hours. ha ha
My score 15 years ago was 860.
The result of today's trial test is 795-885.

mmm, My score fall down...but the good thing is that I had 17! minutes left for the reading section, so there should be at least slightest chances to have more correct answers.
Oh, well, so should I take the real TOEIC test? It will cost me 6,615 yen... I'd prefer to spend that money for manga...


Whiskers said...

Hi, emmie-san
Long time no see(talk)! I've been to NZ on my business trip(escorting a study trip of my students) for almost a month and now I'm trying to catch up with what has been happening in Japan while I was away.
Good going on trying the practice test of TOEIC! 2-hour-test, it's just a torture, isn't it? I always make it an excuse why I don't take it. Ha ha ha.
The score doesn't always prove a person's competence, I totally agree. But as for you, you didn't prepare specifically for it and got the score 795-885, which is amazing. You are really a live proof of TADOKU effect.
Spending more than 3 weeks in Kiwi world taking care of students I was kind of tired of teaching and learning English but visiting your blog somehow cheered me up.
Thank you, emmie-san!

Mrs. Malone said...

Gooood hear from you, Whiskers-san! oh, you've been to NZ, how nice! I went to NZ for my honeymoon and drove around the south island. That was extrodinally, yeah, more so with my sweet heart ^^. I was young enough at that time to enjoy a four-days tracking and other outdoor activities. I have a dream to send my children to that country as an exchange students and use them as an excuse to travel there one more time. he he

It was tough to do TOEIC, but thanks to that, I'm sure to say it's absolutely meaningless to study exclusively for getting higher score on TOEIC. Don't you think there is no situation where formal and clear conversations like the one in the reading section are exchanged in the real world.
BTW, I'm going to have new Tadoku class, this year only, so I'm hoping to get your precious advice sometime.
Have a good rest!