Mar 14, 2009

Tadoku and grading, evaluation

Lately, I haven't got enough time to fool around with my computer as I have been doing before, partly because I'm reading some Japanese novels, and which makes me difficult to think and write freely in English mode. It's not enjoyable and could be a big obstacle to make myself stay away English if I have to translate my thought in Japanese into English, so when I don't feel like writing any smoothly in English, I think I'd better just stop writing for a while.

Yeah, but truth to be told, there is another reason I don't update my blog as often as before.

For the last two or so weeks, I was in a mess.
I didn't know what I wanted to do nor where I was heading for. All I can do was to try to keep up with the unexpected fate having been opened up by some unknown intention.

Since the new year started, I have been wondering if I still have a chance to get a job, not voluntarily one but a paid one. Since I got married and moved to an unknown town in the country side, I had to change some part of myself to fit in the slow lifestyle in the country. It was like a children's story of a city mouse and a country mouse, changing the places to live in. The life in the country was so peaceful and event less, I felt like being retired at the age of 30.

However, as I moved back to a city again against my will, and got used to its busy life, I became tired of staying at home all the time and only taking care of my family without no words of thankfulness from them. It's like they see myself as a mere servant and take it for granted that I should always be by their side whenever they want.

Though, I don't know how I should start to find the way to go back to the real society and get a job, so I took a job interview with cram school for a starter and I got passed it. So even I was terribly worried if I could perform the job properly, I made a contract with the cram school to teach English and some subjects to the students, who are needing supplementary education.

And this should be the end of the story of my challenge, but it was not...
Just after the day I made a contract, I got an offer of teaching Tadoku, which I never ever imagined. So, I went to the cram school and apologized that I had to retrieve the contract...that was tough ^^;

Anyway, this settled my little pursue and I'm going to have another Tadoku class at high school for just a year from April. yeah, this is once in a lifetime opportunity for me to be assigned in a new class, even it is for just a year, and I'm willing to give all my efforts into that class.

However, the problem is, that this time I have to evaluate the students at the end of the year. I've been performing Tadoku class for these two years, but I have never expected that the day will come when I have to put grades on people... I had the least idea that I would be worrying about the way of evaluation in Tadoku class, so I didn't pay much attention when teachers, who are also undergoing Tadoku at school, are eagerly discussing more appropriate ways to evaluation students in Tadoku class. oh, well.



Whiskers said...

Hi emmie-san,
Welcome to our(teacher's) world!
Probably at first you must ask the school whether it is the absolute evaluation or the relative evaluation.
I really look forward to your contribution to build a sensible criteria to evaluate students in TADOKU class.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hello & come again Whiskers-san!

Your welcome comment sounds really sarcastic right now for me, ha ha
While I was writing this entry, I thought about your detailed message about evaluation somewhere, but I don't remember exactly what you mentioned there, cuz I haven't expected at all someday I should be doing the same work.mmm

The school I work for is affiliated with Univ. and almost 95 percent of students will go to that allifiated Univ., and the evaluation is very important. It is taken into account to decide which faculties students can enter. Students who get better evaluation have greater chances to enter the faculty which they deserve.
It should be called the absolute evaluation and I was required to set the average score between 69 and 71.mmm
I will put entries about the lesson plan and evaluation sometime soon, and I'm looking forward to your advice.
Thanks in advance, ^^;

Whiskers said...

Nah, forget my post to the ML.
I remember some teacher posted his/her way of evaluation with some formula there. Maybe it will help you.

I'm not being sarcastic welcoming you to our world. I really mean it because reading your opinions in this blog I believe you'll be able to think up some totally new idea which an old-fashioned teacher like me can never imagine.

What I keep in mind when I evaluate my students is being fair to all of them. Some students like to read many easy short stories and others prefer longer ones and end up reading less books. Of course there are some students who don't read a lot...

Anyway, you have the most helpful person, Mr. S, at hand!!!