Mar 18, 2009

News Video in Eight Languages with Transcript
Euronews is available in eight languages and each video in news segment comes with a written transcript under the video screen.


Wintersweet said...

This looks cool, but I can't get the written transcript. I was looking at this video ( ) because my student might be interested, but I can't get a transcript to display. Is there a button or something? Maybe I'm still too sleepy. ;)

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Wintersweet,
Sorry not to mention in detail, but only the videos in "news" segment are avairable with transcript. Just click the "news" button at the head of the top page. Transcript is shown just under each video screen.
How are you doing lately? Are you busy working or studying? It's quite warm here in Japan and cherry blossoms have already gone past its peak season.