Mar 3, 2009

Comic MANZAI by Asano Atsuko

The Manzai Comics 1 (Manzai Comics)
The Manzai Comics 1 (Manzai Comics)
Hooray! I've finally put my hands on a comic of poplar YA title, Manzai, in Japan. Isn't this comic the very first title ever translated into English among lots of YA(Young Adult) novels such as "Isshunn no Kaze ni nare 「一瞬の風になれ」佐藤多佳子" "Battery「バッテリー」あさのあつこ" "Seirei no Mamori bito「精霊の守り人」上橋菜穂子", which are getting popular for teens in Japan. This is a must item in Tadoku class.

Well, but before you recommend this to your student, Do read the first several pages because there is one thing you need to remind of.
That is, as you can see from the front picture, there are two young people standing, but you might find it hard to tell if one of them is a male or a female. This illustration is, I think, heavily intended to attract that kind of people like me, you know someone called Fujoshi in Japanese, or another Moe kind.... In the first several pages, there are some expressions you might not get at all in the conversations exchanged between the main characters, unless you're familiar with naughty words. XD
Don't read here if you hate to see the vague idea of the comic------
A: I'm not into that kind of thing...
B: At first sight, I knew you were tops.
A: I'm not a top...or a bottom.
Did you get? If yes, then welcome to a naughty world ^^!
The Manzai Comics 2
The Manzai Comics 2
is coming soon.

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