Mar 23, 2009



Do you like romantic stories or erotic ones? I guess such titles can be an ideal booster for language learning. If you read some erotic stories, you might be surprised to see that lots of easy familiar words, which you usually learn at Japanese junior high, are used to describe hot steaming drooling ~ situations in those stories..., pardon me, I'm broken these days. hahah

I borrowed this title from one very famous Tadokist!
My Secret Life (Blaze Romance)
My Secret Life (Blaze Romance)
many more titles are here by Blaze authors.
With one click on the Book section, you'll see many erotic pictures of the Blaze titles, and Geez...I don't know why but those pictures give me goosebumps all over my body.
Watching them for about 10 seconds is good enough to knock me over...yeah, I'm not interested in at all to read heterosexual stories.

I rather enjoy this kind. ..


Wintersweet said...

LOL, good topic. :) I think this kind of thing can be pretty motivating for a lot of readers. But be careful with your word choice! If you say "young boys" you're going to shock your native-speaker readers, because we will think you mean kids under age 10. It sounds illegal! You should write "young men." ;) I think the pictures are of young men anyway...

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Wintersweet,
I'm relieved to know that my entry doesn't seem to offend you^^; one of my freinds, who lived in US for about 10 years and came back to Tokyo, told me that one of her son's friends was gay, so she couldn't read such boy on boy stories as fantasy. I thought I was careful enought to deal with this topic, but I need to be super careful from next time. Thanks for letting me know the right word choice!