Mar 24, 2009

今頃はまってますBanana Fish

Banana Fish vol.1 (Banana Fish Banana Fish, Volume 2 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish 3 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish 4 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish, Volume 5 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish, Volume 6 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish 7 (Banana Fish) Banana Fish 8 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish, Volume 9 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish 10 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Bull's-eye! How can I possibly go on enjoying this much and staying out of bankruptcy if I keep buying them one after another...more 9 titles to go with... 誰か、私を止めて・・・


Ruby Alexandrine said...

Banana Fish is an instant classic. I wish all shoujo mangas were this great! I am aware that Banana Fish has a crossover appeal where shoujo and yaoi fans may enjoy the series. Unfortunately, its woefully not appreciated by many shoujo and yaoi readers in America.

Ash and Eiji are not exactly a couple yet when I read the plot, I do sense that their friendship is beyond than that. Its much deeper and complex. Each volume has it twists and its never dull.

I heard the second edition of the series is going out of print from Viz Media. I am glad that Viz Media published all 19 volumes of the series compared to the first edition where they only published seven volumes.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hello Ruby,
Thanks for coming even to my main blog!
コメント、ありがとう!I'm so happy I can share my enthusiasm with you like this. I've already ordered the rest of the 9 titles, and I have to make sure to keep my budget really tight for a while^^;
When I read the first volume, I couldn't make myself to like the illustrations, and I was almost giving up reading this series. I'm so glad that I didn't.

BTW, it's a beautiful coincident for us working under kind of same environment, educational world, isn't it. I'm only a part-time teacher, so I'm not awefully busy, but I have to prepare for the new class from April. I haven't got enough time to dig into Lj yet, but I hope to get used to it and have more talk with you there sometime.

Ruby Alexandrine said...

The art style in several volumes isn't appealing yet it does improve in the later volumes.

I read your previous in your other blog about our occupations. Its ironic that English teachers in Japan are know the grammatical yet some of the teachers do not yet it. I don't think its a good method of teaching the English language. Is it American and British instructors teaching English?