Mar 29, 2009

"Banana Fish" forever...

Banana Fish, Volume 11 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish, Volume 12 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish 13 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels))
Banana Fish, Volume 14 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish 15 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish, Volume 16 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish, Volume 17 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish, Volume 18 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels)) Banana Fish 19 (Banana Fish (Graphic Novels))
My, gosh!
What a fool I am to leave this awesome, wonderful and brilliant manga unread up to now. I've never ever moved this much reading manga. The moment I read the final volume, I started to shiver and kept shedding tears for a while. It's already three days passed since I've finished reading all the volumes, still I feel like living in the story with all the lovable characters in NY. Oh, I wish I could ever be able to deliver the striking beauty of "Banana Fish" thoroughly to all of you.
I went even this far to buy an illustration book.
Angel eyes―吉田秋生イラストブックBANANA FISH


Ruby Alexandrine said...

I also brought the Angel Eyes artbook. Ash and Eiji are more affectionate towards each other compared to the manga series. I consider Banana Fish to be one of the classic masterpieces of manga. I have and read all 19 volumes and its truly a treasure to have. As I stated before, I wish that all shoujo mangas were this impeccable.

I hope you read From Eroica with Love next. CMX Manga in America will publish volume 14 this July. Unfortunately they are not going to be printing From Eroica with Love on a regular basis due to low sales. Its another unappreciated classic just like Banana Fish.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Ruby, glad you came again!
I'm now eagerly waiting for the art book to arrive. I was almost leaving this masterpiece behind unless you gave me a recommendation. I surfed around the net looking for good fan sites of "Banana Fish," but I couldn't find any. Do you happen to know any?
I'm wondering if I should move my BL and yaoi related blog to Lj diary. What do you think? I don't know where I should start to use Lj, so it might be a good step to get used to using Lj community, and hope to find a community with many matured people talking about BL, Yaoi and more.
Hope to read your new entry!

Ruby Alexandrine said...

Hi! Unfortunately there are not that many websites dedicated to Banana Fish. The only Livejournal community that is dedicated to Banana Fish is Ash_Lynx yet its not as active compared to other BL LJ communities.

If you want to move your BL-related and other topics to your Livejournal account, its your decision. Using Livejournal is not as difficult as it may seem. You may use the Friends' lock on your entries so only your friends may read your entries. My LJ has that setup. I will be posting a new entry at my Livejournal account soon. Take care!