Feb 3, 2009


さて、とあるタドキストさんに、いろんなサイトを回るのなら、リーダーを使えばとアドバイスをもらい、google readerを使うようになりました。慣れてくると、読みたいサイトがどんどん増え、今は少ない日で30件、多い日だと100件ぐらいの記事をscanします。
で、こういうscan, skim through する英語力って、学校英語では考慮されてませんよねー。多読のわからないところは飛ばす、どころか、わかるところだけ拾って、自分に必要な情報か否かを判断するみたいなこと・・・。これからは従来とは多少違った英語力が重要になってくる思うのですがー

I know quite little about high tech or web things, that is I didn't know what HTML means until quite recently, so I feel quite awkward to advise people about it, but if you're not familiar with these words or systems, phishing, scam, social media, podcasting, twitter, social bookmarking, social networking, wikis, RSS, then this site might be of some help to you.
twitter とかRSSって何?という方に、こんなビデオどうでしょう。

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せにょ said...


i didn't leave comments these days, but i check your article! so keep me informed of your precious tips for english learners. well, some english teacher likes to take part in a "workshop" or "gakkai." i think they are nuts, cuz never have i got any good idea from them. but when i tell'em i don't understand the value of "kenkyu-kai" or "gakkai," they always say, "well it's very important to know new method or theory...

Method? Theory?

as you said, i heard some teachers say Stephany's (? what was the name of that scholar, of free voluntary reading?) theory is outdated.

Outdated? Are they just following fashion or something?

Well, well, well. That's the truth for school English teachers. They just want to some fame...

But don't forget there are pretty many teachers like me (?) who just enjoy learning or teaching with the kids.

Ah, i don't read English very much recently, (every day i play the guitar more than two hours, hahaha) so, "no me sale muy bien el ingles" (that's spanish, which means, "English don't get out of me well." interesting, isn't it?)

and keep on exploring the spanish tadoku world, tambien.

hasta luego