Feb 10, 2009

DS in school 洋ゲーにDS

It's been whole lot of an issue in my house since several years ago when we're going to buy DS. Yeah, you could say my family is living in a stone age.
My children have been begging me to buy one, and I'm not totally against it.
So why I haven't bought one yet...It's not only because I'm concerning the bad influence of games to my children, but mainly because I can swear that I be hooked up with the games...How could I live a decent family life if I couldn't let go of the games and be segregated from the society more than what I'm now.
I remember when I was a college student, I often killed my time playing "Pack man" and "invader game" at a coffee shop near my univ. with some geeky guys of a computer circle. ha ha

However, I cannot remain nonchalant anymore as I read this article reporting that some teachers in US have launched the use of DS games at elementary schools.
Truth be told, I've already got a DS game software, English version of Final Fantasy Ⅳ, about a half year ago in Akihabara.
Now, the last thing I need to know is where I should buy DS, in a toy store or online store???




sen~o said...

Hola. Cuanto tiempo!

Anyway, i think maybe we can make a good use of DS for Spanish tadoku... I thought i could bought some game in spanish version for my addicted son, but he doesn't even seem to read japanee words that appear on the games of Pokemon-type. So, i don't know if he can learn anything through DS spanish ver. Etchan from ShidoML told me about an on-line shop, i e-mailed there if they could get spanish soft. they said they could import some. the shop is http://www.kidsdream.cc/

But, be super-careful not to let your son touch your DS ever!. He will defenitely be addicted. My son would keep doing it if we left him alone with DS.

Oh, you yourself will be in danger of addiction...

sorry, my english is getting poorer, since all i do these day is think about baseball..., and at the office i only do some data processing...

but you can understand me anyway, with the henjin spirit, haha.

Mrs. Malone said...

Señor ¿cómo está?

Oh, I've used that online shop to buy computer games long time ago, such as "Clue Finders series: http://www.learningvillage.com/html/rcf4thgrade.html
Have you ever played some? If not, I'm going to bring you one.

mmm, the more you warn me to be super cautious to buy DS, the less tolerable I could be not having one...yeah, you might know quite well how difficut it is to quit addiction, ah ha ha I mean smoking...

BTW, as I wrote in the new entry, I joined English education forum in elementary school today. The lectures by some superiors are just like those Nomikai after Tadoku Kenkyukai you mentioned the other day. They're hopelessly naive and only capable of prasing each other's work. I don't get it how teachers, highly educated kind, could be so dumb...

Wintersweet said...

Sorry I haven't comment for a long time. I like the fact that the DS is region-free (not the DSi, just the DS and DS Lite). So I've played some Japanese games like Nana (really hard!) and so on with my DS Lite. FF IV has a lot of text, so it's basically like extensive reading! A lot of RPGs are like that, I think--lots of text and reading. :) I recommended some simple RPGs such as "Rhapsody" to one of my Japanese students here. She's learning English and has a DS, but isn't familiar with RPGs.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hello Wintersweet,
How have you been? I've put your blog in my google reader and been following it.
I haven't got DS yet... my budget is really tight right now. he he
It would be great if you recommend some games for DS to learn English in your blog. DO you think playing Nana helped you in some ways to improve your Japanese?