Feb 3, 2009


Wild Adapter 1 (Wild Adapter) Wild Adapter 2 (Wild Adapter) Wild Adapter 3 (Wild Adapter) Wild Adapter (Wild Adapter) Wild Adapter 5 (Wild Adapter) Wild Adapter 6 (Wild Adapter)
***notice: This title is not for everyone***
Having a kind help of Tadokist friend, thank you!, I've finally made it possible to show all the covers of my favourite manga side by side. ぐふふ
As you can see, I've been reading manga in English for the last one or two years, and it seems I will never ever get bored with them.
When I began to read manga in English for the first time, it took quite a long time to finish just one volume, becasue manga is written in capital letters and I was not used to them. English textbooks and other materials are written in small letters, so reading capital letters was quite a challenge for me.
However after reading, say, 100 manga, it doesn't bother me at all even in capital letters. Now it takes me about 40-50 minutes or one hour at the most to read through one volume.
Then I should be happy about my progress, yeah, in a way..., but, but the fact is, the faster and easier I can read manga, the more manga I need to buy...There is no items left anymore in my family budget to save some money for manga, especially for me.

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