Feb 24, 2009

Daughter's English Conversation teacher

My daughter is taking a private English conversation class at a small cram school in a neighborhood, only 3 minutes from home by bicycle. The class isn't meant to be a private one, but because of her fluency compared to ordinary junior high students, there is no students who can join the class with her, so I need to pay the tuition of a group lesson, much much cheaper than the one of a private lesson. he he
I let her go that school only because it's situated really close to my house, and she's not keen to learn English at all, so she's just having a small talk and doing games.
Her teacher has recently switched. The new teacher is very kind, decent and hard-working student at Temple Univ. in Tokyo.
This is his you-tube station.
After watching his videos, I though I've got to try harder to improve my listening again...

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Scarlett Obrien said...

It sounds as if your daughter has someone very special in her life (you!) to keep her at her lessons.

It is truly an amazing thing to be able to communicate with people from around the world. It will make her more open-minded and acceptable of the different styles of living in this world!

I believe it would be hard to teach someone who does not seem to want to learn. I am glad to hear that her cram school has thought of a good way to lead her to English with games. English should be fun!

I hope all continues well,
Scarlett Obrien
an English conversation teacher from Skype