Feb 2, 2009




牛印牛乳 said...

Hellow Mrs. Malone.

I read this book in a bookshop.
I remenbered I bought a book, which name was "道具としての英語" published by Takarajima-sya.
At that time, there were not so many English books for beginers. So I thought that book was very good one.
Now there are many good English books for beginers, so I think "CD付き 1日5分!英語力アップ多読・多聴ドリル " is cheap copy of "道具としての英語" and too late to be published. :-(

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi 牛印牛乳san!

It's not that bad to have many books about Tadoku being published one after another because more people can realize the new approach of learning English. However, I don't think those people in publishing world, who don't mind to put such formal title, "ドリル," on Tadoku book, quite understand the core part of Tadoku. As you may know what kind of person I am, always looking for an easy and fun way^^;, I don't like such books with お勉強ぽい感じ。それにしても、こういうので多読・多聴を知った人が、もっとお気楽な楽しい方向、多読村とかまでたどり着けるのでしょうかねえ。