Feb 27, 2009


I've spent a wonderful time with Tadokist yesterday, having had a chat for more than 5 hours. Tadokist are never be short of topics to talk about English and other hobbies. A group of Tadokist will be almost always the most noisy and nuisance group in a coffee shop or a restaurant.





sen~ said...


No neet to be blue. I can give you precious information about Toritsu High School, jajaja.

But, how come so many people spend so much money on Juku? Is it worth paying 50,000 yen a month? I can't believe that...

And I can't believe "Shingaku-juten high schools" are so good.

Actually, i wanna know what parents feel about high school, so have a talk soon.

Hasta luego.

Yesterday, about 200 comic books arrived... but most books have'nt arrived yet... I'll let you know when they arrive.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hola, Sen~

whoa! 200 comic books, it's enough to make me drool...I'll come!
(ooops...I'm kind of talking dirty here, ha ha...you get it? no? then you're a good boy. ^^;)

You say that you're willing to give me some precious information, but don't you think it's better be said "malicious" information, jajaja.

As for education, there are many things I want to say about school education, and especially I'd like them to introduce more private and skill based? teaching such as Kumon. I think some subjects better be taught in a group, but there are some subjects which children should learn in their own pace. Some children are really cut out for Math, but some are not. right? It's so rediculous to put all the children into one class and ask them to do the same task regardless of their ability.
If the students are good at Math, then they can't satisfy their curiosity and get bored, at the same time, those who have no talent in Math have to struggle really hard and sooner or later they will be left behind and lose confidence. It couldn't be worked out right.

I don't think Juku or Shingaku-Juten school will clear my worry about my children's education, but anyway, I've got to decide if I should put my children in such an education system and let them live in the main stream world, or encourage them to live as an outsider...