Feb 6, 2009


It seems He who needs to take more education is not only Aso, the prime minister in Japan.
He is the schools minister in Britain, responsible for ensuring literacy of children.
He misspelled there words in his blog, ‘received’ as ‘receieved’, 'archaeological’ as ‘archeaological’, 'maintenance’ as ‘maintainence’, ‘pernsioners’ as ‘pensioners ’, ‘reccess’ for ‘recess’ , ‘foce’ for ‘force’, ‘convicned’ for ‘convinced’ and ‘curently’ for ‘currently’...

Don't you think many of you and some Japanese high schoolers or college students might be able to spell out these words correctly. mmm We should be proud of our literacy in English and shouldn't hesitate to use English in the real world.
(oh, well, I ran spelling check now, but it was no use in this entry ^^;)

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