Jan 22, 2009

Computer rooms in school and no Blueprint ?

I have a part time job at school as a teacher but there is no hope someone like me, having no particular experiences in education, could find a position which enables me to challenge new type of English learning.
However, I can't stop thinking about the future of education, that might because I have my own children who have been undergoing the same boring lessons at school as I've taken three decades! ago.
I have never ever enjoyed classes when I was in Junior high and high school and I thought I was to be blamed. I didn't want to sit still and concentrate for 50 minutes, I didn't want to use the textbooks I was handed by the teachers.
I was afraid to raise my hand and say my opinions because my answers always seemed not to fit into the right answers which teachers are asking for and I felt myself dumb...
Well, I can't stop complaining like this as I remember the old school days.

But, since I often skim through the net, especially the education sites, I encounter lots of enthusiastic sites of teachers who are striving to change the classrooms and utilize the new technology and world wide web. They are creating totally new style of learning or classrooms.
If I summarize the trend of education as far as I read in English, that is "to make voluntary learners."

I found one of the challenges of web supported classrooms.
Flat Classroom Project


If a net-savvy teacher and a decent English teacher hold their hands together to strive for the new learning style, such exciting world wide projects can be undertaken so easily now.
well,..if, if only, there is an English teacher not knowledge but with fluency for piratical use. haha

The other day, I heard this shocking news? A new public high school is going to open up in Tokyo and that school will be equipped with FOUR computer rooms...
Yeah, ok, I do agree that every student should be able to use a computer whenever they want at school,
I heavily wonder if the new school has concrete ideas or blueprints about lessons only available in such computer rooms. Do they expect that computer rooms simply produce some new ways of learning naturally? Do they have clear image how students work out with computers. If the computers are fixed in the tables and have no mobility, and all the students have to face in front such as existing ordinary classrooms, then I bet you will never expect an exciting learning.

Many say on TV that we're facing the largest economic crisis in history, but it seems big money is still wasted to build hard wares.


せ said...


What a interesting topic! I'm just leaving the office, but can't stop leaving some comment.

Yeah, the people who designed the building had no plan at all. It's me who must do it... I'm sure you can help me a lot, haha.

But I declare, it's not me who required 2 call rooms, and 4 PC rooms!

What a shame!

chico said...

Hi, guys! I have a suggestion! Why don't you open those rooms for public use? After all, we pay for them, don't we? We'll totally enjoy such a facility. You can even charge a bit of fee if it is necessary. But make it quite reasonable, please...


Mrs. Malone said...

Hola Señor,
I've just watched the Spanish video, and my brain freeze. haha

I found an article of one prof. I've worked with when I was in Univ. He is a specialist of Call system, so I'm going to upload it in the entry.

Hi Chico!
haha, who believes we're in the economic crisis worse than world panic in 1929...
I'm simply curious how the leading high tech classrooms look like. sorry, after all I'm such a person who prefers AKIHABARA to SHIBUYA...

Kiara said...

Malone-san! Your English is getting amazing! I see you're getting more comfortable with complex sentences and descriptions.

I agree with wasted technology. When I was in high school, the school purchased expensive marker boards that connected to the internet and did all sorts of tricks. No one ever used them because they didn't know how! I managed to teach 3 teachers how to use the boards to their full potential.

Maybe it'll be like this in Tokyo as well-- a student will find a useful way for teachers to implement the new technology into learning.

Also, I've responded to your comment on my blog and posted a new blog today here http://omoshiroii.wordpress.com/2009/01/24/6868/.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Kiara, thanks for coming here. When I first started this blog about a year ago, it was a real challenge, having struggled 10 or 20 minutes to write an entry produced only two or three sentences at the most. haha
you know, almost all Japanese learn English for 6 years or more, and few of us have fluency to communicate easily in English. We have to learn so many difficult vocabralies and gramatical rules to pass an entrance examination of Univ. However, our practical usability is so low, I think you could tell this is true from your co-workers' English. Are there many Japanese fluent in English around you?

Now, I'm surprised to know that you have the same complains about new tech at school. I do agree young ones are more capable of dealing with new tech things. Students can also learn a lot for helping teachers.

I've read your new entries. Whoa! You're planning a big event. Did you tell your parents about you plans? How did they say? As you wrote you'd like to travel all around Japan. I think I could be of your help in some ways, because I have some friends, who live different parts of Japan, Kyushu, Kansai, Tokyo and Tohoku, and they might be interested in taking care of people from abroad. Keep writing about your plans, and when you're sure to come here, then I'd like to share more personal information with you and see if there is really some I can do for you.
Good day!