Jan 23, 2009


When I was a college student, English class was performed in ordinary classrooms, and I was just bored with the materials given from teachers. Almost all of the teachers were majored in language arts or literature, so all the materials they could give us was classics such as Dickens... They didn't attract students who don't cling to literature.
One of the teachers was so dumb that I've got "A" in his class even though I attended only few lessons. I think this is because I was able to read aloud the stories much much fluently than he did...

I think several years after I graduated, CALL, Computer assisted language learning, began to be introduced into some leading schools.
I'm so much curious about CALL, because I was kind of an assistant, ha ha, to be honest I just messed up his work..., of a professor of English education in Univ. and he is a leading expert of CALL education.
I happened to find his article. (I hope he doesn't mind being introduced here.)

Academic Conference : CALICO

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