Jan 20, 2009



¡ : "へ”
¿ : Shift+”へ”
ñ : ”れ”
アクセントつき : ”け”を一度押してから、母音をタイプする。


Blanco = white
mi = my
mamá = mom
mmm, where I'm heading for, I don't know...


せにょ said...

Hola, Doña emmie.

i guess you're getting something with spanish, wow. (didn't you use a dictionary? jaja)

I played some of the games you mentioned on another article.

I played in Basque! I'm kinda interested in Basque, cuz i worked with a Baque teacher (of course he was a spanish teacher, but his native tougue is basque.)

Of course, I don't understand anything! but isn't it fun? No, not at all. If you get nothing, it would be so boring, we're not a child, anyway.

So, that's how the students feel when they are faced with "difficult" language.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hola, niño Señor ¿?¿?

I've just watched the video you've lent me.

¡por savor! ???

I don't know this saying is correct, but please help me to find an online dictionary. Can you recommend a site on the net?

I found a same word used in the video and "Goto" by Satoshi Kitamura, that is "dormir," meaning dreaming or sleeping.

Amazingly, I was not so bored with watching the video. You know, I had no interests learning languages up to now. I passed the second language class in Univ. with an attendance of only once!
I had a great short-term memory then...

Though, when you're motivated enough, it seems you can willingly to be like a child to learn a new thing. Ha!

I remember some words, あん、どす、とれ、くあんとろ、しす、せす・・・ jaja
, something is not right.

I think it's not bad to find out the rules or differences of Spanish pronunciation using these vedios and letters.


chico said...

Somehow I can't post a comment on Ribbon's blog....
please thank her for the sweet potato recipe and also tell her that she is right about who is stronger, boys or girls... of course, girls. Her observation is more reliable than most of researchers. Which gets me almost convinced that I shouldn't waste my time on reading any of those research data that just confuses me. I strongly recommend educators to read real blogs like Ribbon's to see what they think and feel....
Please thank her for me.