Jan 27, 2009

"Big Feet" (ORT1+) in Spanish

I'm a member of Spanish Tadoku group and we're planning to start to read very easy picture books such as Oxfor Reading Tree. However there is no Spanish version of ORT, so we're looking for someone who will do us a favor and translate Engish stories into Spanish. Luckly, my e-mail friend in Cebec can use Spanish, so I asked her if she could help me, and I got the first translation today. Million thanks to her!!!

"Big Feet" (ORT1+)
Come and look at this.
Is it a big monster?
Is it a big dinosaur?
Is it a gib giant?
No. It is Dad.

''Grandes pies''
Ven y mira esto.
¿Es esto un gran monstruo?
¿Es esto un gran dinosaurio
¿Es esto un gran gigante?
No. Es mi papa.

What do you think, Señor?


せにょ said...

Oye, Don~a emmie.

Mientras estoy ocupadisimo, estas dando cosas muy interesantes! Vaya! Con lo del educacion a traves del internet, ort en espan~ol... La version espan~ola de tu amigo, me parece perfecto. Pues, yo tambien le pedire a mi amiga espan~ola que los traduzca. Yo tamiben podria hacerlo, pero con el ORT, hay que saber expresiones muy cotidianas, y eso no me saldra bien.

While I'm super busy, you are giving me interesting things... Language teaching through internet, ORT translation in Spanish...Your friend's translation seems perfect to me. I'm asking my spanish friend to translate ORT. I could do that, but there are so many daily expression in there, so it would NOT for me...

Girasol said...

Thanks a lot, emmieさん!
I wanted this!
実は、I'm also a member of Spanish Tadoku group even though I've never read a book written in Spanish yet.Ha ha!
My HN is ひまわり, in Spanish it's Girasol.
it's the only spanish I know. Ha ha ha!
Kirim Salam kepada emmieさんのお友達!

Mrs. Malone said...

Whao, whao! Sen~or, You can write so much in Spanish, awesome! super!!
you know, I'm devastated every day to find that I can remember nothing! literally nothing I did the day before about Spanish...haha

Today, I did a special English class in high school about using the internet for English learing. One of the native teachers is also interested in web things so I talked about the sites I often visit, then he said to me something like I was a net-savvy...haha.
Oh, yeah, he even knew Stephen Krashen, the promoter of extensive reading, and we both agreed that free voluntary reading is crucial part of language learning. So, I'm going to write about the book, which made me realize the importance of reading aloud and showed me the way to extensive reading, maybe next entry...

Mrs. Malone said...

Hola Girasol!

Of course, I know you're a member of Spanish Tadoku! せにょsan will ask his friend to transtale ORT, so you will have many stories avairable in Spanish soon.
Now one of the members and I are reading? watching several Spanish books, so I'll leave a comment in the ML to call for the next person to read them. Wait and see!
BTW, why not have an off-meeting once the Tadoku board comes back!