Nov 6, 2008

Presidential Victory Speech

I watched the presidential victory speech first thing in the morning.

i haven't expected this really happen in US, especially because of the new face of the Conservative Party, Sarah Palin, who seems to be quite appealing to women, and most of all, she has certain background in politics, i thought.

then i saw a TV commentator of Yomiuri channel said that a new partner of Japan was selected and ...

what? did you say "partner", wasn't this comment absurd,

the word "partner" could only be used only when two of them were equal.

how could the the prime minister of Japan, who were chosen only by few dirty rotten politicians in a secret room and had little approvals from public , be a partner of the president of US, who became the leader of the country with strong public support.

i can't correct people abroad saying that japan is a mysterious, or rather out of understanding, country, which succeeded to make an affluent society with few natural resources after devastating condition of the WWⅡ, and still its leader is a man, who doesn't hesitate to say, he loves manga... XDDD

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