Nov 2, 2008

OTOME ROAD strolling 乙女ロード散策

do you know "Otome Road"?
there is a small area called Otome road in Ikebukuro.
Otome road is a clutch of shops which sell such as manga, anime, CD, DVD, Doujin-shi etc.
you might be curious why such a peculiar name is used for that road.
that's because some goods and books sold at those shops are not ordinary ones, but , well ...what can i say, like shouldn't-talk-about-them-in-public things, more precisely, 18 up, explicit, for matured only things.
it was middle of three day weekends yesterday, so lots of young people gathered in that shop and it was a Paradise for me. ^^
i bought for a souvenir, the prince of tennis milk candy, Otome road cookies, shosei san su konbu, and some manga written by my favourite illustrator.
if i were a teenager now, i would be hooked hopelessly by anime and manga and spend all my allowances in those shops.
was good...

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