Oct 9, 2008

a Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami

I've finished reading "a Wild Sheep Chase."

When I first started to read easy English books, counting words of books I've read was quite a fun.
Especially to join the conversation of Tadokist in the forum, word count was a must.
You can tell by the number if the person is just started Tadoku or very experienced one and so on.
So, I continued to count up to around 7,800,000 words. yeah I looked for the notebook I wrote down the number now and ended up not finding anywhere Gee...
However, I'm basically very lazy and do everything so so, so...
I quit counting, and instead, I've never ever imagined this, but I started to use post-it, in case I come across impressive phrases or topics.

《words and phrases》
p17 I'm forever realizing things too late.
(yeah, it's me)

p29 the Creature from the Black Lagoon
(To be a Tadokist, Black Lagoon is a must)

p96 I've got two favors to ask of you
(I find it difficult to use these expressions)

p126 spread by word of mouth
(you know, there's a BBC radio program, word of mouth, love it)

p87 I've never been good at writing letters. Everything comes out backwards. I use exactly the wrong words. If that isn't bad enough, writing letters makes me more confused. And because I have no sense of humor, I get all discouraged with myself.
(this is the thing I always feel about my writing, and this is one of the reasons why I write this blog.I want to overcome my ego and stop judging myself as lacking this and that king of person)

p130 up until Meiji

p130 That is to say, it might as well
( I like might as well, anyway)

p148 you mean that 3.14 whatzit?
(yes! whatzit! Did it ring the bell? then go to ORT Stage5)

p163 everybody has some one thing
(if you remember some as いくつか, then you might have ?)

p179 Kipper
(Good for ORT薀蓄の会!)

p316 the bath was coming to temperature (へ~)

p318 no amount of wiping or glass cleaner would do the trick(again, へ~)


sen~or said...

Hmmm... I read it in English some 10 years ago, then I didn't care about whatsit... But of those phrases you piked up, I love these.

"I'm forever realizing things too late."

This is the very "Haruki" world.

In Japanese it was 「僕はいつも大事なことを後になって思い出す。」, I guess.

mrs. malone said...

Hi sen~or,
I'm glad that I've caught a glimpse of Haruki world.
When I was young, I haven't read books at all, and still, sad to say, reading books is foreign to me. How I wish I could call my self a bookish.
I thought floating? in the Haruki world is not a bad idea, so I requested another book in the library. You know, I'm bit perplexed when I came across some, what should I say, intimate, dense scenes. I guess those episodes are a must to attract male readers???
Thanks for offering a chance for me to broaden my interests!