Oct 27, 2008

twitter 使えるよ~

I've just got fanfic site information from a person living in Norway! by twitter.
it's so easy and stress free to use twitter.

isn't it just amazing that I, middle aged typical japanese obachan, have a conversation with a young lady lives in a far away country and exchange our interests.
there is no obstacles such as language, age or sex.
it couldn't be so easy if we need to talk face to face.
I've never thought that my english could be so useful someday.


chico said...

Hi, emmie. Great info. pouring onto you. BTW, what is
fanfic ?

Hyde said...

Hi, there.
This is Hyde.
You've enjoyed Twitter and I want to try it.
But I've been pretty scared thereof because my PC was damaged by the virus when using Skype 5 months ago.
Please tell me your experiece of Twitter in detail when I meet you at Chuo line off-meeting.
Thank you!

mrs. malone said...

hi hyde-san! i know what it was like being hit by a virus cuz i've suffered once several weeks ago...
fortunately, i was able to make my computer back to normal, but it was really annoying.
after that incident, i installed Norton protection from my provider OCN, it costs about 500yen a month; i used to have only a mail protection.
as for twitter, i believe this system is now very popular; i saw this twitter sign in many blogs and heard people talking, let's have more talk on twitter, even on some podcasts station.
if you already have a protection system running on your computer, then twitter is not a big deal, i believe.
BTW, do you have a blog???

Hyde said...

Hello. Mrs. Malone.
Thank you for your kindness.
Unfortunately, I don't have my Blog.
What I want to most do is writing exchange and am searching for the site fit thereto now.
I'd like to view your blog from the start time to the current one to find the site. If you know good one, please tell me.
Thank you!

mrs. malone said...

morning hyde!

please don't waste your precious time reading my past blog articles. I will write some tips about starting language exchage and having a communication on the net in english, maybe today.
I'm sure you'll make a big change in your english life cuz you are a bookish, and seem to have particular interests on books.