Oct 19, 2008

My first free writing No.1

(free writing お試し中。打ちっぱなし、タイプミスそのまま、スペルチェックせずです)

well, i set the timer for 5minutes the minimum, so i don't know how mush I can write, but I have many things cumulating in my mind now, because I read about halloween 's tragidy in US several years ago about a japanese boy and today my daughter is taking a test of STEP and I saw so so many people goint to take the test. i don't understand why so many are taking it. what they are expecting after passing the test... ok so it's 2 minutes passed well where shall i start, i tend to press the shift botton as i do usually ohoohohoh my mind goes somewhere i have to concentrate into one topic. so first i will srite about step test. my daughere after all didn't study sof the test and i don't know her level is good enough to that test, but i guess she might pass it becasue hse listening ability is well up than that level. oh, i fount it very irritating to leave a mistake just by pressing the wrong botton . this is the reason may be mr. sakai and chico said we should use papaers instead of computer when we do free wrinting. yeah i have only 4 seconds... times up.


1.i をI にしようかしまいかと迷った。
2.she's みたいなときに、shift キーを押すのが面倒。
やっぱりfree writing にはペーバーじゃないとだめなのかな。



chico said...

wow! You're much braver than I expected. "Brave " is not it, perhaps free from ego trying free writing on your blog!!! I really love that! Most of people prefer to so it on the paper because those writings won't go out to the public in that way.
BTW, when you do free writing, you don't have to worry about making sense. I mean the point is to keep the stream of consciousness. Which means it won't make any sense at all. Two or three thoughts came up at the same time and you just threw them into your sentences. No order. Total chaos. But you'll find some keys words later on, which should come from your sub-conscious level. Those words supposedly tell you what you really want or concern. Well, this is kinda spiritual aspect of it and I don't usually tell this because of the corniness of the word of "spirituality". I often wonder when one word is recognized by the society, it loses the authenticity. Todoku can be one of them or perhaps already have lost? Halloween or Christmas are typical of them. But halloween is not really religious event, more like a Celtic ritual, I've heard. It has become sort of religious event in the U.S. since the founding fathers believed in theocracy. Which is really tricky, I guess. So, Halloween has already lost its meaning as it was imported to the U.S, anyway.
But I'm not sure if the tragedy should merely be blamed on the ritual... And also it is not fair to say nothing has changed in the U.S. how to celebrate Halloween since the tragedy because it surely has to some degree. Perhaps intelligent people are fed up with those fuss of it in Japan. Which is quite understandable but those two things are different issues, I think. I don't want to make a fuss about such an emotional issue, though.
See you soon!!!

mrs. malone said...

Hi chico, it's really nice day today, I hope it will be fine tomorrow too. well how was your party yesterday? I wish I could come...
As for free writing, I read almost all the comments between you and other tadokist on the board, but I didn't feel like trying it at that time. Why? mmm may be because it seemed you were all deep down in the core of free writing and I didn't see I could be free myself to reach that place. I'm really glad that I did tried it this time and fould myself enjoying a lot.
Ego is the word I often concern about after listening it in Oprah's show or other podcasts. As I look back my old days, good things always happened when I was able to loose my ego down. Or rather, being able to let go my ego away, then that's a sign the truth, life and friends, is happening on me.
Oh, BTW, about the subway incident, it was my first day going to school and I've never ever spoken any English with real English speaking people. So I was in a real mess, and I don't remember anything how I explained my situation to the big black woman sitting in the token booth and was able to let her show me the way to go back without paying extra token... see you tomorrow!