Oct 22, 2008

free writing No.3

today i7m not going to set the timer and just finish where i want to stop. so well now i just finished marking exam tests. this is really hate to do. i do this just for a piece of who was that, fukuzawa yukichi, maybe. i can buy several manga after finishing this job with payment for this job. yesterday, i went to off meeting and met several tadokist. they were all interesting people and very well understand well the heart of tadoku, so i didn't need to hide any of my idea about tadoku and can be just free to say what i7m always thinking. why we need YL? ican understand if you live in the rural area , the YL is useful to choose books not to spend your important money some terribly boring GR, but once you got used to reading english, why don't you choose what you want to read , not the level but listen to your heart. if you can7t decide what you7re going to read , then are7t you need another training , kind of know yourself, know what really you are. anyway, i didn7t understand the necessity of yl from the very beginning of tadoku. so that 7s for tadoku, now i7m going to write, so yes! i found an interesting site of my favourite manga and read just a little, this manga is well i can7t write the title of this manga because the genre is not an ordinary one... you know Young Athletic Outgoing Individuals thing??????????please dig into it too much. i wanted to say, TUKKOMANAIDE, anyway i want to read this manga on the net but my children are should7t read this , so no i can7t read it, ....oh, 10 minutes passed . did i enjoy this time? i don7 know i want to use much sophisticated words and phrases... again this is my ego coming out...better be finished.



chico said...

Hi, emmie. I've got e-mail from Prf.S. He said he won't be able to make it tomorrow and actually my gum swallowed up from last night. No pain anymore but it was mighty nightmare with irritating pain all night long. Perhaps i think too much of philosophy this week. which means I work on my research papers on Plato and Aristotle. Grasping their philosophy is not friendly activity for my poor brain. You know what others me ? It is the sound of Aristotle. It is too funny to look up to. ha ha ha. There is only one of their thoughts I really like and understandable, which is "virtue" is the most superior idea of all. 5 hours of reading got me this much. You can tell how pathetic I am. ha ha ha
I've decided to take some of those classes, such as philosophy, logics, ethics to learn how to be "rational". Whatever the meaning is... So far, so miserable. But I don't mind to read something provocative. I've got only simple approach for a simple person to it: Just read through all the references and text books and write what I learned from them.
It is really time-consuming but is there any other way? I don't seem to get it done without so much struggling. Which makes me wonder if I'm really dumb since most of people who have graduated uni. like yourself said they went though without so much struggling.
Anyhow, my hope is if I'm kinda like a turtle person,
I might be able to win the race ( what race I wonder, though) at the end. the problem here is it happens only in fables.....Bra bra bra. I'm gonna hush up and got to do what I got to do. But it seems my mind won't stop talking today. I call it psychological diarrhea. Oh, before I got to start talking about this disease, I'd better go now.

Oh, I'm going to visit Prf. S to see free writing of his students next Tuesday. Join me if you're free. I'm gonna go there by 1 o'clock.

mrs. malone said...

Hi chico, I'd like to spend enough time to answer your comment, but today i have to finish up marking tests, preparing for GURIMU school lesson and deciding what to wear on the halloween event for tommrow(this is a nightmare for me...I'm not made for this kind of thing). anyway, i'm sure you know all well that you can win the race in the end, though you call yourself a dumb thing now. of course, there are some ways to make uni. reports or tests into a pice of a cake thing, but doing so doesn't leave you anything. you just get a cirtificate, that's all. this sould be called one of the dumbest things.
you say you're going to take philosophy classes, but don't you think such study attaracts extremely pathetic, dumb and weired people in Japan? i mean people who are good at thinking and whinning but have no intension to act at all. (well i'm talking about my old friend.)
BTW, are you satisfied with expressing your belief or passion on your blog? have you ever considered to wirte your own something such as fan fiction. i'm reading one fan fic site and there are so many, both good and boring ones. what do you say?
got to bo back to marking. sigh...

chico said...

thank you, emmie, for your encouraging message under such a heck-tick circumstance. I really appreciated your comment. It really help me out to see what i want and ensure I'm on the right track to do so.
I've got to know all those things I've been experiencing. some educational, some terrible. I think I'm in the student's shoe so that I can relate how they feel in my class more, which is valuable lesson to learn.
I read some of English tests of one of the public Sr.H. Their students' interests towards academic achievements is rather low,due to their particular interests and talents in art, but the level of the test was way high up there! I thought "What the hell is this teacher trying to do?" Those students are absolutely creative and perhaps they are the ones who can really appreciate the art of picture books. As the matter of fact, my student showed the deep understanding of some of picture books and her copy of some of the pictures were just brilliant! I just don't get it why they have to sacrifice their precious time on meaningless memorization of useless vocab. If the average score of the test is always below 30, it is crystal clear that the test means nothing. Don't you think? Well, anyway, I told her if you can't change the way it is, change the way you deal with. Which means she should work on what interests her and otherwise get enough scores to get the hell out of the school. I didn't use the exact word,of course. But the good news is she made a lot of close friends there and enjoys good relationship with them. When she said "I don't like English classes, anymore." I told her "Those tests are NOT showing you how to use English. Those writing classes you take are NOT showing how to write. That's why. Learning English is NOT about memorizing millions of vacab and idioms. " I asked her "Don't you enjoy reading ORT?
Don't you enjoy other funny picture books?" She said "Yes" And I told her that's what leaning is all about. I was convincing myself as well when I told this to her. Gee, I'm always helped by my students like that. They always tell me what the leaning is all about. Oh, I shouldn't have charged them anything ideally but I also need to survive. Well, this is another issue and I'd like to change this condition in the future, I have a secret plan....
This is just a fine weather. I've got to go cycling with Momo!! talk to you later!