Oct 28, 2008

fanfiction sites

Q: what is fanfiction/fanfic/FF/fic?

Fiction about characters or settings written by admirers of the original work.
so, i don't know it's preferable to talk about them in the open place...
maybe i'd better close this article soon.

i listed up several sites, three of them from the top were given from both a tadokist and a twitter friend, thank you !, and i just dropped by those sites and haven't cultivated them yet.

(and... i usually go to other sites which i can't list up here, because my favourite genre is kind of bizarre...
i use a fandom site of one particular manga artist, where you have to take a step to be a member, required to send a mail to the owner of the site and declare that you're up 18.
now, you can see why i'm beating around the bush. ^^)

anyway, enjoy the vast world of fanfic.




chico said...

Hi, emmie! Thanks a lot for your information!!!

mrs. malone said...

hi chico! i don't know i did a good job or bad, seducing blog visitors into a forbidden grand.
be aware not to peek in too much, cuz once you are hooked, you couldn't resist it...

chico said...

ha ha ha... No worries. We all are grown-ups and we can judge things like this. Or you have some kids viewers?
Actually you never know, right?
If you feel awkward, please delete the inf.