Sep 10, 2008

Things I do for English learning

One of the students in my high school class asked me the other day what kind of things she needs to do to get a better English conversation skill.

I listed up some of the things what I've done up to now and found them effective to learn English.


podcasts(BBC learning English, English as a second language, Oprah's friends, ...)
internet radio(BBC you and yours, BBC words of mouth)
watching videos on the net(anime, learning English sites, CNN)
DVD(drama, anime)
picture books
books for children
manga(nodame, slum dank, naruto, emma, the prince of tennis, ...)
Newsweek, Time magazine
articles on the net


shadowing(podcasts, books for conversation practice, such as 英会話ペラペラビジネス100)
reading aloud

Blog---Keeping a blog is quite an interesting and useful approach.
Translation---I will start to work as a volunteer for JFS, non-profit organization, and will, ah... maybe or hope to translate some articles about environmental issues from Japanese to English.

memorizing basic sentence patterns, such as 頻出英作文(日英社)
Grammar in Use

I'm trying do some of them everyday...what a tall story..^^;
I believe the key point for language learning is that if you can keep learning it almost everyday or not.
And for keep learning, I do only what I like to do, not what people say we, language learners, should do.

I listen to the podcasts while I'm doing house works or walking in the park, and do the shadowing too.
I read magazines such as Newsweek, but I don't read it thoroughly, only the articles interest me a lot.

That is, Enjoyment comes before Effectiveness.

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