Sep 11, 2008

pain of loss...

I got kind of "Mushi no shirase" today.
"Mushi no shirase" means strange, peculiar feeling you have when something, either good or bad, happens even far away place from you.

I felt like mailing to my friend living far away, and went to her blog to see how she's been doing before I mail on her cellphone.
Then, I found out that she's been in deep grief because her sister's partner pasted away suddenly the other day.

I met her this summer, about three weeks ago, and today I just wanted to say hello, but now
I don't know what to write.
It is so sad.
I would just tell her when she wants somebody to mail, I'm always here to get one.

While I was surfing on the net to calm myself, I found this site.
Some of the advices listed here sure helped me a lot when I lost my father.


fumi said...


I was so shocked by reading your blog and I wonder your Freind is also my freind.

I felt something there when I talked to her a few days ago.
And I knew about her brother in- law had passed from her.

It happened without announcement like my father did.
But I want wait the time she want to talk to,maybe you do too?

mrs. malone said...

Hello fumi-san!
Yeah, I was really shocked, too. She was just fine when we met the last time. I didn't know what to say, so left a short message in mixi. I agree that time is the almost only thing that can heal our broken heart.
You know, my father passed away four years ago, and I couldn't be with him at his very last moment in this world. I knew that it might happen because we lived far away, but still, I blamed myself for quite a long time. Even now, the memory comes back to me time to time and remember such harsh feeling that I was overwhelmed by grief and regret.