Aug 18, 2008

Workshop of Japan Extensive Reading Association 日本多読学会

I joined the workshop of Japan Extensive Reading Association on 16 and 17 Aug, 2008.

Almost all the members are teachers and the meeting was held in SEG, one of the famous cram schools in Shinjyuku, so it was rather like taking a class not a workshop ^^;.

I was really impressed one of the lectures about shadowing in class.
Teachers from Ibaragi Univ. explained the practical way to start shadowing and that was not an impossible thing to do in my class. Should I try it...mmm...All I need now is a gut!

There were some more beneficial reports from schools all over Japan, but as I listened to the reports, I got one big question and couldn't put it away in my mind .
I don't think it's a preferable thing to implement Tadoku in ordinary classes in school, which you have to evaluate the students in some ways.

Since Tadoku should be reading for enjoyment, not an easy tool to improve students' English, it sounds so contradictory to put scores on students' reading.
Tadoku is just reading, so isn't it absurd to expect the students to show some conspicuous progress in the test within a short term like one or two years.

There should be a much better way to implement Tadoku into ordinary schools.
Why don't they start Tadoku as a mere club activity?
Do you really believe that many student love books?
Are you ready to start so many chores, finding and buying new interesting books time to time, putting seals with word's number and level to each book and caring of so many thin books?
During the Tadoku lesson, you might have little chance to show your knowledge about English to your students. Are you happy with that?

I have so many questions to ask teachers who is planning to start Tadoku in school, even though they don't seem to have read lots of easy books and have ever experienced the amazing merit of Tadoku in their own reading.

After all, I was uneasy being there in the workshop and wished to have pure Tadokist around me.
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