Aug 20, 2008

Video sites, You Tube for Learning English

Watch a wide variety of authentic and interesting videos.
All the videos are transcribed and captioned.
Click the captions, then users can receive definitions, usage examples and translations.
Also, you can try interactive games to build listening, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension skills.

Captioned both in English and Japanese. No activities.

watch people speaking real English on streets across the globe

Jennifer ESL
There are tons of useful sites on the net to learn English, but unfortunately, students studying in junior and high schools in Japan rarely have chance to know those things and have no idea that much better and enjoyable tools than boring lessons in school are available to study even at home.
They are made to believe if they want to improve their English ability, they have to study hard and use textbooks cover to cover intensively.
How greatly the IT revolution has changed the environment to study English, it doesn't give students any benefits if they have nobody to let them know it.
How sad.

In my Tadoku lesson, I spend about 20 minutes in the beginning of the class for introducing different kind of new and interesting ways to learn English.
Up to now, I've introduced manga, anime and DVD.

I've been wanting to use Video sites on the net best of all, but high security settings of the computers in the library didn't allow me to do so.
However, one of the English teachers in high school bought a portable PC, and it has wireless connection!!!
This PC and a projector might enable me to show some learning English video sites during the lesson.
What's going to happen...
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