Aug 5, 2008

Tadokids and Eiken, STEP test

Tadokids: Children who is enjoying Tadoku.

My daughter, 13, became a Tadokids when she was 7.
She's read over 2,300,000 words of English since then.

Despite almost all the students in Japan are struggling to learn English in school and trying to memorise lots of vocabularies and sentences everyday, she doesn't need to study English at all preparing for the classes in school.
It is widely believed that we have to make a special notebook to memorise new vocabularies, but she's never used such a notebook and never tried to memorise new words.
All she does is to read books and manga, and enjoy anime in English.

In October, she's planning to take STEP 2nd grade test to prove her English ability, so
she solved the last test of STEP for a trial at home today.
The STEP 2nd grade is considered to be just the right level for graduates of high school to give it a try in Japan, so I though her score might be quite low.

Contrary to my expectations, she got 27 corrects from 45 questions, 60% correct, in the first section.
It is said that 60% is the lowest to pass the test.
This means she has certain possibility to pass the test already at this moment. Gee...

She's going to try the other section, listening test, soon, then we'll see more certainly her chance to pass the test...
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Whiskers said...


Hi! What a good news! And it proved that all of your worries were unnecessary after all.

Don't waste your and her time working on those exercise books.

Now sit back and enjoy your SHOCHU!

mrs. malone said...

Hi whiskers-san!
I'm almost dying of crazy heat in this summer...ATSUI...How about you?
I don't know how eager my daughter is to take the test this October, so anyway, I quit encouraging her to study the exercise books and Kakomon. Instead, she reads Time for kids or some articles from DK's 'Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia' or Info-Trail books.
My daughter reads many books than ordinal high school students, I guess, but she couldn't take good scores in Language Art test of correspondence education, Z-kai.
I think she's good at reading and enjoying stories, but she needs to learn the way to read different kind of sentences, such as articles from newspapers.
Once she gets used to read such logical sentences and acquires technical terms, then she might be able to pass the STEP, I hope.
mmm... Cicada's buzzing...ATSUI....

Whiskers said...

Hi emmie-san!

It's same here: ATSUI!!
The first time after many years, I'm feeling really weak this summer--NATSUBATE. Well, I lose some weight, which was good at least.
Talking about your daughter, she is doing (or you're having her doing?) the right thing, I think. Actually, I've been encourageing my students who cannot score enough in the reading section to read the same kind of books.
And you wrote that she got 60% correct, so I think you shouldn't worry about it any more. She'll be fine.
Although I don't know anything about the tests of Z-kai, I guess it requires test-taking skills to get good scores at general language-art tests. When your daughter is in the 3rd grade, you can give her some tips. Until then, just relax and let her enjoy TADOKU!

mrs. malone said...

Thanks for coming again, whiskers-san!
Half of the holiday has gone and my son's desk is loaded with a heap of still undone homeworks...
How are your daughters doing in summer holidays. those who belong to club activities might be having busy days even in holidays, but my daughter is still lazy she is. Sometime, I wish she goes to JYUKU... I don't know how other parents succeed in letting their children say 'yes' to study at JYUKU.
How is your NATSUBATE. it's bit easy to go today here.