Aug 10, 2008

storytelling performance by Wim Wolbrink

I went to a storytelling performance this Friday and shared a wonderful, peaceful moment together with about 60 people.

It was held in Tsuda Collage, one of the leading women's collage in Japan.
My colleague in high school, graduated from this school, let me know this performance.
The storyteller is Wim Wolbrink, lives in Holland, and
小木曽 綾、Aya Ogiso (maybe), plays back music with medieval times instruments in Europe, such as old style flutes and string instruments.
Wim's heartfelt storytelling and Aya's genuine ,in a way, formless performance created a magical world.
I wish I could enjoy their performance time to time.

Once I thought if I should memorize some stories to tell for children in school.
One storyteller in a read aloud lecture told me that I should start storytelling addition to reading aloud picture books, because as I get older, I would find it difficult to read small letters in picture books.
So I tried to memorize some stories, but it's not a piece of cake thing...

Well, now I have a class with 30 students in high school. This means I have an opportunity to tell a story only if I want...
Should I try again...mmm...

In fact, storytelling is a very good way to learn languages because you memorize stories using all your sense, so once you memorize some words and expressions with using whole your body, the expressions are inscribed easily deep in your mind, and you'll never forget them.
For example, I was able to memorize one word 'wilt', used in a story of a pumpkin and a girl, by putting it aloud just two or three times with the movement of my hand expressing wilted flower.

How about starting here?

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