Aug 7, 2008

have fun under the sun...

I work for a small cram school near my house and have two private lessons for a 5th grader and a high school student.

In this school, there was a summer festival, and as usual, I was called to help them out.
There are several Japanese teachers working here and some of them teach English, English for entrance exams to univ. or for STEP.

I'm sure they have much broader knowledge about English itself, but this is truly a mystery about English education world in Japan, I've never heard of them speak English out of the classes...
So..., Every time the school has a special event with the native English teachers, I'm the only one who can bridge the students, parents and the native teacher.

There is a small park and it has wide grassy space good for having fun with children.
But, you know, this is the middle of the summer in Japan, so playing under the blazing sun means HELL on earth!!!
I was almost spacing out...

After a hard work in summer, I should be excused to enjoy a small present, SHOCHU, distilled spirit.
These mysteriously designed, in the view of Japanese, Samurai Shochu were made by the company my partner works for.
Are these intended to sell abroad???
Enjoy holidays!

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