Aug 26, 2008

Kurume, Part 2

Do you know Kasasagi, a bird.

This bird is very popular around Yanagawa city and called 'kachigarasu' there. Nobody pays attention to it, or rather they are disliked for making a mess in the garbage.It's just like a crow in other areas.

However, my daughter learned about Kasasagi in school and she was the only person ever seen Kasasagi with her own eyes.

When I was in Kurume, I've started a group to enjoy English picture books in the library. Some of them gathered in the restaurant and had a non-stop chattering.
I don't remember what I spoke there at all. I'm afraid if I'm suffering from the same syndrome as former prime minister Thatcher.
There's never enough time to have a chat satisfactorily with old friends...

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Wintersweet said...

Oh, it's a magpie! We don't have them in North America, but I read about them in books as a child. I saw my first magpie in China a few years ago. I think they're kind of pretty, but I tend to like ordinary birds like magpies and blue jays. :)

mrs. malone said...

Welcome to my blog, wintersweet-san and thanks for the link!
I've not expected to get a message about magpie :) I used to have no interests on birds, but my partner is a member of 'wild bird society of Japan', so I got little by litte interested in it. I like small birds like robin. When I traveled in NZ, looong time ago,a rabin came close to me and it was really cute.