Aug 26, 2008

Wonderful time in Kurume, Part 1

I went to Kurume in Fukuoka for the first time in one and a half years.

I'm originally from Kansai area and Nishinomiya in Hyogo is my hometown.
I moved to Kurume when I got married and lived there for almost 14 years, so Kurume became my true hometown, especially after a devastating earthquake hit Kansai area several years ago and changed my original hometown, Nishinomiya, drastically.
The earthquake left me nothing reminds me of my good old days in Nishinomiya.

The first day, I walked around my house and met several people there. They were all well and I enjoyed a small chat with them.
Since I have my own house there and rented it to one family I don't know by the help of a real estate agent, I asked my neighbors if they have any trouble with the new people.
I'm relieved to know that they seem to be very good people and have nice reputation.

The next day, nine families gathered in a community center and enjoyed lunch together.
Our children went to the same kindergarten, Tubukuima Youchien, and some of them go to the same elementary school now.
It's been a while since we gathered together like this, but it didn't take so long for them to get used to it, and they all enjoyed vigorously playing cards and hide-and-seek, so on.
After the meeting, I went to my friend's house.
She is a Tadokist, so you can see lots of books behind them. I guess these books are only a small part of a huge stock.
Sorry, pictures are bit altered.

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