Aug 30, 2008

baseball camp training

My son belongs to a baseball club at school and he went to a camp training for the first time this summer.
This camp was the third time for him to sleep away from home without family, so he had no problem to join it.
The camp was held in the country side of Tokyo, Chichibu.

He was awarded for effort since he has been present almost all the practices for half a year and showed conspicuous? progress. Good for you!

This is called 'zakone' in Japanese, literally means to sleep in school of trash fish...

I'm really grateful that this team is run by parents in the school, and they are eager to help children both to improve baseball skills and to nourish their mind.

However, there is one concern I can't let it be.
That is, mothers of the six graders are required to go to the camp to take care of the children.
Can I keep up with such vigorous children then...Gee...I don't know.

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