Jul 25, 2008

virtual book shop tour

I don't mean to let you be a TADOKU BINBOU, always being short of money because of buying too many books, but you can experience a wonderful imaginary book shop tour of UK in this site.


Have fun!

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Wintersweet said...

Hi! This is Clarissa from talktotheclouds.com ... Is it OK if I link to your blog at readableblog.com? That's my blog for English learners. I think you're a great example!

emmie(mrs. malone) said...

(I tried to leave a message in your site, but it doesn't appear soon, so I leave the same one here)
Hello Clarissa! I'm so excited to know you. This is one of the miracle encounters thanks to the internet! I mailed to Prof.Sakai yesterday, who is an adovocate of Tadoku and started to implement Tadoku method in his classes maybe for the first time in Japan, and now vigorously trying to spread Tadoku approach throughout Japan with many followers of Tadoku like me. His parter is a Japanese language teacher and a producer of those Japanese graded books.
I have so many things to tell you, but I don't have time to write all of them now, so only few, first, this is the Tadoku site Mr. Sakai runs.
If you can read them, Please leave a message in はじめしての掲示板, I'm going to reply soon.
And yes, you can link my blog and use it as you wish^^. I'm happy to know readableblog.com, too. You know what? you have Ryota's Daybook in Blogroll, and he is also a professor in Univ. and one of Tadoku practitioners. I've not met him yet, but I've talked with him in こども式 site.
Well... I'm going to write more about Tadoku in Japan in my blog sometime, so come again and let's enjoy learning languages together!
Have a wonderful day!!

Wintersweet said...

Thanks! I know, my blogs aren't notifying me about comments. :( It's annoying. Sorry about that!

I'll check out the site you mentioned, thanks.

The internet is amazing sometimes!