Jul 20, 2008

NEWSWEEK's special report: Environment

The July 7/July 14, 2008 issue of NEWSWEEK magazine have a special report about environmental problems along with the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit.

I haven't been reading these bit heavy materials and expected to consume lots of time to read them, but it was not so hard as I imagined thanks for Tadoku.
I can grasp the broad idea without a dictionary, and I checked two or three words each page in a dictionary to understand in details.

As for the articles, so many striking facts and devastating situations, such as water shortage in Africa, are reported, and I'm overwhelmed by the fact that there are some, who happen to be living in a developed country and have no fear to enjoy a secure and comfortable life, on the contrary, many are struggling and starving for only a cup of clean water.
I try to have an environmental conscious lifestyle and not to waste food and energy, but I often feel hopeless that such a tiny action doesn't pay enough to change terrible conditions not in the least.

Having this hopeless mood, I kept reading the articles, and Whoa! at the very end of the feature articles, I found the one I need the most to settle my mind.
This article begins, 'I'm so tired of being green.'
Yes, this is it. This is the voice in my mind too.
What's the point to separate tiny amount of burnable material and plastics products at every household when tons of new unnecessary plastics products are made.
Does my good intention count in some ways?

The article says this 'I'm so tired of being quilted into being green' mentality is defined 'eco-anxiety'-worries not just about the planet's health but also about their own environmental inadequacies-, in the new field, eco-psychology.
Knowing that I'm not the only one who get demoralized was a relief.

Oh, well, no need to be irritated...
Bit more hotter summer and high oil price surely awaken everybody to think,
if our children and grandchildren can survive on this earth after 100 years from now...
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Whiskers said...

Hi emmie-san! Good morning!
This hot summer really makes us think about global warming, doesn't it? Our school is subscribing to NEWSWEEK magazine. Usually I rarely pick up that kind of magazine, but I will read that article.

Environmental issues are really big thing in me, too. I'm living in a countryside, and sometimes get irritated by the fact that so few people are concerned about that. When I visited Germany 12 or 13 years ago, things were already quite 'green' there. They stopped the engine at a traffic light, even sightseeing buses. But, my American friend says we are far 'greener' than American people and I can see what she means. Probably, when we start to compare, we get frustrated.

And also, each of us has contradictions in ourselves. Like, I'm concerned about environment but I have to confess I can't work in a yard because I get headaches from the sunlight and the heat.... My Canadian co-worker is vegetarian and 'green' in his way of thinking, I think, but he just cannot survive without air-conidtioning and his computer!

But if each one of us try something, even something small, progress should be made, I believe. Don't you think so?

Have you read The Inconvenient Truth? If not, I recommend it to you. Maybe you already know all the facts written in that book though.

Well, well, we shouldn't start the day with complaining.
Have a nice day!

mrs. malone said...

Hi whiskersさん! 
I went to Suginami sougou high school today and took part in a Summer Tadoku class. This class is not a duty for students to take, so only motivated students come to the class. With having spreaded the books on a table, they started to read them. Gee... I wish I could run my class just like this.
You say, you're living in the countryside. May I ask which part is it? When I lived in Fukuoka, I didn't need to separate plastic bags from leftover food and burnable things. Now I have three trash cans, one for burnable things, one reusable plastic thing s and one for unburnable things such as aluminum foil. Everytime I throw away a huge bag full of used plastic goods, I wonder what it was like living without plastic products. We have undergone much change of lifestyle in such a short period on looking back a long history of civilization.
I've watched the DVD of 'the Inconvenient Truth', but haven't read the book yet becase of the high price, about 3,ooo yen. Luckly, I went to amazon site just after reading your message and found an abridged version edited especailly for young people, and it costs about 2,000yen, so I ordered it right away... well I don't know how I can avoid being a Tadoku Binbou...