Jul 9, 2008

Fuyoudo no Fuyoko chan 「ふようどのふよこちゃん」

I can't tell where my blog is heading for now.
Having been living in a suburb of one of the biggest cities in the world for about one and a half year, I feel like being desperately thirsty for nature.

I now know how Chieko, a wife of a famous poet Koutarou Takamura, felt when she said '東京には空がない’’there is no sky in Tokyo.’
When I lived in Kyushu, I enjoyed the view of a mountain range, sunset and much clear sky from a window of my house. That view was nothing but ordinary everyday scenery, even though, gave me lots of energy to live calmly.

This picture book is simple and nothing spectacular, but I can smell peculiar leaf mold scent and feel like being in the heart of nature.
I hope there would be some children who can be provoked by the dark colored pictures and understand the message of the book.

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