Jul 30, 2008

Friend came a long way

One of my best friends came to Tokyo from Kyushu to join a lecture for English teachers. She's been wanting to work as an English teacher in elementary school, so attending this lecture is a stepping stone for her to make her dreams come true.

As I recall our meeting, it can be said our meeting has drastically^^; changed my life, in other words, I wouldn't be working as an English teacher now if I hadn't met her then.

Our children went to the same kindergarten and one time they were grouped with the same class.
To perform lots of activities without trouble, we had to select two mothers to lead the class, and my friend and I took the job.
It usually takes quite a looong embarrassing moment to choose such leaders because the works for leaders are sometimes tough and time consuming.
Luckily? or unfortunately, both of us are not bold enough to endure such embarrassing moment with our head facing down, and our hands slowly goes up to accept the role...

This is our first encounter and unexpectedly leaded to our friendship, because both of us are interested in English and teaching!!
At that time, I was obsessed with chores, taking care of my children, so English was not a part of my life until I met her.
She game me an important advice for me, that I can get an additional license of English teaching by correspondence education.
I've already got a license of teaching social studies, so I needed to study some extra subjects especially for English education.
Her advice truly changed my rather boring life and I started to enjoy English again for the first time in years.

So, without her advice, I wouldn't be working as a teacher now.
Thank you and Hooray for our friendship!!
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ピアノ said...


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fumi said...

I had a good time with you and your family in tokyo.
I'm so glad you are so GENKI there.

Meeting somebody is so magical I think.Meeting you made me to build my world wide.Now we can comunicate with good freinds by speaking,reading,writing english.
It's magic isn't it?

We are looking forward to meeting you here in August.I hope you enjoy the trabel.
See you around.Bye!!

mrs. malone said...

Hello ega-san! How did your lessons go? I didn't have to ask you what you learned in the lesson. I'm glad to see you getting closer to your dream day by day. See you soon!