Jul 24, 2008

Formula to calculate the happiest day of the year?

Do you know what this equation means?

O + (N xS) + Cpm/T + He

O: being outdoors and outdoor activity
N: connection with nature
S: socialisation with neighbours and friends
Cpm: childhood positive memories
T: temperature
He: holiday expected

This may be the first time for me to feel excited to know a formula, which always has been a burden that I had to memorize, if I like it or not, at school.
This formula was compiled by Cliff Arnall, a psychologist and former tutor at Cardiff University to calculate the happiest day of the year.
He says the main aim is to 'get people talking about what makes them happy'.

I think the parameters used in this equation are surely some aspects of my happy moments, and as I was calculating this equation I remembered another calculation method, EPI.

EPI is said to be some kind of green GNP and jointly produced by Yale's Center for Law & Environmental Policy and Columbia's Center for International Earth Science Information Network, aiming to be a comprehensive assessment of the world's environmental challenges and individual countries are responding to them.
EPI rankings are listed in NEWSWEEK, July 7/July 14, 2008 issue, and Japan ranks in 21st.

I wonder what happens if this formula should be added into EPI.
Do you think Japan will go up above 21 or go down...
Well, I think, really sad to say, Japan might rank in way down from 21...
What do you think?

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