Jul 30, 2008

Education to my children

I feel like walking through the dense mist of the forest thinking about the education to my children.

To set a smooth path for children should not be the best way for parents to educate children.
Just going to a cram school doesn't always ensure bright stable future for our children.
I believed that compulsory education in elementary and junior high school gives children sufficient academic foundation such as reading, writing, and calculation, for further advanced education.

But, I'm not sure any more.

Every summer holidays, I try to go over the Kangi my children have learned in the last semester with my children and see if they acquire all of them up to the certain level.
So, I check my son's Kanji every morning now, and shocked to find his score is much much better than my daughter's score.
I think my children's potential ability is not so different, or rather my daughter performs better sometimes.
And yet, my son answers Kanji test 80% correctly while my daughter answered them only 30 or 40%, at the most, correctly when she was in the same age to my son now.

Both of my children go to public school, but my daughter had education in local city, on the other hand, my son goes to elementary school in metropolitan now.
It seems my son is having much better education than my daughter.
Not only the acquisition of Kanji, but also calculation ability differs between them.

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