Jul 7, 2008

オサムシタンポタケ Cordyceps entomorhiza 珍らしいんだとか... 

I attended a meeting for volunteer workers in Noyamakita park yesterday.
In the morning, we walked around the park with some park rangers working in this park.
They are quite interesting people and know a lot about nature, so I can learn more things about nature than walking with my partner.
While we're walking along the mountain path, a big scream echoed and one park ranger seemed to be very excited as if she could go over the moon, so everybody gathered around her to see what she's found.
This is the thing made her scream with delight... Can you tell what this is?

This is called Osamushitanpotake, Cordyceps entomorhiza, and one of Touchukasou, 冬虫夏草.


Fungi lives on this host insect living under the ground and it kills the host when the time comes and starts to form carpophore, the thread part.
It is also worth noting that there is a small ball like thing at the tip.
This type having a ball like thing is very rare and is said to be found once in 10 or 20 years intervals in Japan.
One of the park rangers, who belongs to the Mycologial Society of Japan and writes some articles about nature and nature cooking in Be-Pal magazine, gave us detailed explanation about this unique fungi.

more details in Japanese,


It must have been an exceptionally lucky day...
I was glad to share a 'sense of wonder' moment with people who cherish the nature near at hand.
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Whiskers said...

I don't know anything about insects or plants but I know 冬虫夏草 is really rare...thanks to チャングム the famous Korean drama! Do you know that drama? Maybe you can guess my age now... Anyway, in one episode they used 冬虫夏草 as an ingredient and they explained how rare and precious it is. I don't know if the dish tastes good or not, though.

mrs. malone said...

Hi whiskers-san! Yeah, one of my friends started to learn Korean after watching dramas... you know, I was still on my way coming into this world when the Tokyo Olympic was held^^ I heard that 冬虫夏草is
used as medicine but the ranger said that if you believe, then you will be relieved... He also said that he's eaten some of 冬虫夏草 and it was really good. Well, would you like to try some???