Jul 13, 2008

Can I do translation?

I moved to new city last year and 've been living for one and a half year.
I got used to my new life, so I've been wanting to start something new and be a part of society, but I couldn't find an appropriate thing to do.

Lots of mothers start to work once their children go into elementary school and try to earn money for giving their children good opportunities to have better education, I guess.
I often say to myself that I should do the same,
but I couldn't do it.
I'd rather choose to stay at home as long as our family can live a simple life.

So, I decided to do what I'm really interested in and found this group is looking for volunteers.
There are many kinds of jobs avairable for volunteers, and above all, Japanese-English translation interested me the most.
But I didn't think I can pass a trial test because I have no experience of translation and know nothing about it, so I applied for the job with no expectation of success.

Fortunately, My score was B+ and I was welcomed to be a member of that job.
I'm so thrilled to get the result and really excited to do,
but at the same time, I'm horrified because I have received a looong document attacked to the welcome mail.
It explains how to do a proper translation.
I've got quite many things to study...
I'm not sure if I can make it...


Chicosunny_e said...

emmie san! That is great to hear that you got a translation job. Of course, you can do it! Everyone is a beginner once and there are heaps of translators working.
Why not you! I truly think that you would make much better translator than others because you know the usage of English more than most of them.
Good luck & take it easy.

mrs. malone said...

Hi Chico! You seemed to have a wonderful weekend. I'm always complaining about the life in Tokyo, but I have to admit that I can experience more interesting events and meet lots of attractive people here than in the town I used to live.
I know I'm a genuine 'minohodo shirazu' and this time again I've proved myself an incredible ignorant person...
I got ML of this translation group and read some of the introductions of the members. Most of them are either working in a field concerning about environment or having work experiences such as translation and interpretation. I assume the only reason why I passed the trial、if any, is the 'flow' of my translation nourished in Tadoku.
This is a volunteer job and the minimum task is one translation every three months, so I'm going to read articles and books about envioronment first and try to translate little by little, ぼちぼち、いきます~