Jul 17, 2008

Am I up to...

Since I got an welcome e-mail from the volunteer translation group in JFS, I've been questioning myself why I was able to pass the trial.
I've already added to the ML of the group, so I read the profiles of the members and surprised to know that many of the members are either having certain background of study or work of environmental fields or working as professional translators.
So I keep questioning to myself if I could perform a job up to the level required by the group.

After reading some of the English articles translated by this group, I found out that there were typical patterns of the choices of words and expressions, so it's not an impossible job in the point of English, I think.
But the problem is that I caaan't understand what the articles written in Japanese say, due to the lack of specialized knowledge and my poor reading comprehension ability. Gee...

It doesn't help whining, so I've made up my mind and will do my best to contribute to the group.
After all, it's a volunteer job, so if my work doesn't come up with their expectations,
then I will give up. That all.
I should use the most of this chance to improve my English writing ability.


’of の語源はoffと同じ!!!、だから分離のイメージがある’ へーほー
May I ask a favor of you. なら、you から a favor を分離して、もらっちゃうのね。
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