Jun 9, 2008

worth studying cram school?

My daughter tidied our small garden yesterday and made this 'DORO DANGO', a clay dumpling.

I guess you might think I have a small child aged around 5 years old.
she is a junior high school student now.
What a stupid way to spend free time for a teenager.

Do I really mean that?
Yes and no.

Which do you think is better, to spend time at cram school and made to study what you have no interests at all or to enjoy what you really want to do?

If you go to a main train station early in the morning or evening, you will see lots of children going to cram schools even on the weekends.
Many of my son's friends in elementary school are planning to take a test to enter famous private junior high schools or public schools especially introduced to educate students for 6 years to enter famous universities.

I don't get it.
Isn't this terribly wrong?

When I was a university student, one professor, specialized in social pathology, 社会病理学、confessed during the class that he let his son go to a very strict cram school and soon his son got two hair less spots on his head.
His son, aged around just 10 years, suffered from alopecia areata, 円形脱毛症.
This professor is specialized in social pathology and knows a lot about disastrous situations caused by mental disorder.
Even such person couldn't go against the main stream for his son's education.

I'm still struggling to get an answer for this 'something is not right' circumstances surrounding my children.
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product-of-84 said...

When I was in Japan, studying Japanese, I felt like I was gonna start losing hair too. I never felt that stressed out at school in the US!
It must be very tough for Japanese students to go through all the trails their classes ask of them. But I think because you are there mother, they will be fine : )

I think you mean to use 'Cram,' not 'clam,' while talking about their school. Maybe SpongeBob goes to clam school : )

-- Sam

mrs. malone said...

Zillion? many thanks for your advice, Sam!!!

I'm sure my daughter choose a clam school than a cram school. She loves SpongeBob. (^^)~~

By the way, you like はぐれ刑事?
なんか、しぶいね!do you know Shibui?? Samさんのメッセージは、いつもあたたか(heartwarming, not hot)です、うれしいな。

Chicosunny_e said...

What my daughter and I have decided is to do the best to make her dream come true. Which is to enter one of the best university for music, Juilliard School to be a pianist. This sounds too crazy to believe but we are quite serious. Well, Don't get me all wrong. I don't mean to be obsessed by the dream. In fact I don't care what she would be as long as she is content. What I am trying to say is I have a faith in her possibilities. Somehow I believe anything would happen if it needs to happen. What we can do is to be present and follow our heart. I believe I've got something meant to do and so does Momo. We just don't know what it is. But it is a riddle she has to figure out on her own.
I'm just a cheer leader of her and whatever she decided to be, if that's really what she wants, I'll be proud of her. Knowing what your heart desires is not really easy task especially in the chaotic world we live in. Ummm... Let's hope that we won't get completely lost.

mrs. malone said...

I now realize that a cheerleader is a 'cheer' leader. 私って、やっぱりマヌケ。I want to be a cheerleader, too, even though I can't raise my leg high up to my head^^; I think many types of cheerleaders, like cheerful leaders and gentle ones, would be good for all the different types of people, so I hope I could be one of cheerleaders. Should I start to put on more colorful clothes like a cheer leader...